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APR PLUS- A tune with a warranty!

Your new car is smarter than you may think. When you push the go-pedal, a computer tells it how fast to go. APR Plus is software that tells it to give you more! More power, more capability, more excitement, more smiles-per-gallon.

APR PLUS protects you and your vehicle! 


What about my warranty?

We replace your factory limited powertrain warranty with a limited powertrain warranty that offers coverage through the duration of your original limited factory powertrain warranty. When you visit a participating APR Plus dealer for service simply inform them you are an APR Plus customer. If a powertrain repair is required, APR will pick up the bill.


Wait, there's more!

Oh, and you will want even more power soon enough. APR Plus is fully compatible with our linup of Stage 1 compatible performance parts as found on